Month: August 2014

B-Day Dinner & Video Launch

B-Day Dinner & Video Launch

Thursday June 5th 2014 That day Kimmy invited I to her birthday dinner at Ribbiz and just to our luck SkyGrass was launching their music video for “I am king” a song titled after their album. We, Lexxi and I,  got to the restaurant on […]

To knot or to not

To knot or to not

I’m trying to decide if I should go natural or not. I definitely couldn’t bare a big chop, I would transition. I just took out my braids & my hair is due for a relaxer but my heart is stopping my hand; I like my […]

Lexxi's Yard Flex

This was Saturday May 31st 2014

I have a group of friends, we call ourselves ‘Ppl’ this originated from a random Facebook group Hore created & eventually we all got added.
On this day ppl had a yard flex at Lexxi’s house, which is basically a BBQ, yardie (Jamaican) style. We all had to bring contributions, be it snacks, sodas, or disposable plates & napkins.
It was a Saturday so I had drumming at 11:30 I got there on time, yes this occurs once in a while, and we began rehearsal for our Drummers show that was coming up in July. Rehearsals was pretty good that day, for out first rehearsal of the show.
The time went by quickly and the next time I checked my phone it was already 2, so having wrapped up rehearsal we disbursed. Cespo, Meikle, Hakeem, Green & I began our trod to the bus stop, going separate ways when we got to the top of deanery avenue. Cespo & Meikle were invited to the yard flex, so I was guiding their way for the day.
Luckily as we got to the bus stop a 83 came, so we hopped on & went to Treez (Half Way Tree.) There we met up with Davia at bus park & jumped on the next available 32B. (more…)

The Observer Food Awards

Thursday, May 29, 2014  When Gabby (My best friend)  invited me to The Observer Food Awards, the morning of the awards, I knew exactly what I was going to wear. It’s an aqua dress my mom had bought and I had never worn it.



So I’ve decided for my 25th birthday, I want to go to France. So December 22, 2019. Wish me good fortune & happy saving lol cause my spending needs to go down. I have to remember every time I’m buying crap, France 2019. xShida

My story: Daydreaming

My story: Daydreaming

So I’ve been inspired, more like I was daydreaming and the thought came to me, write this story. It’s fictional, teen romance and drama. I’ll be posting it in different chapters. I didn’t plan this or anything, it hit me & I took up my phone (I have the wordpress app) and just started writing 🙂 I’ll be posting the introduction soon, so look out for it.


Labour Day

Friday, May 23, 2014 As the name of the public holiday suggests, I was actually baring my head top to the sun (to the shade) as some of my friends and I helped Nich to clean his mom’s beloved fish pond; why did I think […]

Keznamdi's Video Release

On Wednesday May 21st was Keznamdi’s music video release, for his song, ‘I Don’t Wanna’ and short concert. I assumed I could be early for an event for the first in my life; I was wrong.

Hope Gardens Picnic

On Saturday the 17th of May 

My friends and I decided to have a picnic at Hope Gardens, little did we know the rain wanted to turn up that day too… (more…)

African Jamaican Connexion

The 16th of May 2014  was the next adventure, L’Acadco performed in the ‘African Jamaican Connexion’ which was a show put on by the Women’s Health Organisation at the Pegasus hotel; to raise funds for women with cancer.