Keznamdi's Video Release

On Wednesday May 21st was Keznamdi’s music video release, for his song, ‘I Don’t Wanna’ and short concert.

I assumed I could be early for an event for the first in my life; I was wrong.

I was at work that day when I got an email stating there was rehearsal tonight; I wish I had thought of asking Chippy, (my friend, L’Acadco’s musical director, & Keznamdi’s percussionist) to skip rehearsal from before… my evening started off with me heading to Studio (L’Acadco’s headquarter) after work. Typically rehearsal starts at 6:30 but I had almost reached my destination at 5:45; on the road to Studio I ran into Chippy & just our luck a trio of rastas, selling a variety of bead necklaces, were walking towards us. Long story short they talked us into each buying a necklace.

This is my necklace :)
This is my necklace 🙂

We got to Studio and one by one or in small groups, drummers and dancers started arriving. So some of us, drummers, were medzing (chilling) and joking around beside the dance floor; eventually 6:30 rolled around and rehearsal began. Then it dawned on me, it was a Japan tour rehearsal (*inserts hugest face-palm here* X_X) so I didn’t have to be there. After figuring that out, at about 7:15 I hurried home to get ready.

The traffic was so much I got home about 5 minutes to 8, then I rushed to get ready and Lexxi came over for my mom to drop us.

Lexxi & I :)
Lexxi & I 🙂

We reached the venue little after 8:30 which was perfect timing for Jamaicans, we’re never on time. The event started, at 9 (please see the poster that says 8 pm lol,) with Keznamdi performing.


IMG_2676 IMG_2679 IMG_2682

He sang a couple songs then called up Chronixx, Dre Island and Kelissa, his sister, to drop a few lines.

Dre Island (left) & Chronixx

Then we watched the music video and that concluded the event 🙂


Dash (the photographer) caught me looking in love with Kez lool :$
Dash (the photographer) caught me looking in love with Kez lool :$
Outfit of the night :) #Selfie
Outfit of the night 🙂 #Selfie

The show was so much fun and I like the video too; go check out ‘I Don’t Wanna’ by Keznamdi.


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