Labour Day

Friday, May 23, 2014

As the name of the public holiday suggests, I was actually baring my head top to the sun (to the shade) as some of my friends and I helped Nich to clean his mom’s beloved fish pond; why did I think the task would be easy?

Looking at pictures of the beautiful pond & cleaning it are two drastically different acts.
Though there were 8 persons: Nich, Sherri, Ness, Lexxi, Don, Jody, Hore & I, taking on the task, it still took a toll on me. The first and most strenuous task was catching koi fishes of many different sizes and putting them into a barrel filled with water. The next step was to drain the tank & remove the stones, after that we set off in groups; cleaning stones and fake plants from the tank, some cleaning the tank itself (scrubbing off algae) and others guarding the barrel with a piece of mesh over it because these fishes weren’t about that barrel life.

With screams every time a fish tried to jump out the barrel, that’s how the day ensued, with cleaning & getting wet, soca music and a dash of dancehall. After hours of long and hard work Nich’s mommy called us inside for a wonderful dinner; I wish I could remember what we ate but all that pops up in my head is the baked macaroni & cheese, it was heavenly.

Due to my busy schedule Lexxi and had to leave right after dinner to head to a drumming rehearsal, that went particularly well and of course who wanted to be home on a holiday ? So Chippy, Cespo, Meikle, Lexxi & I went to studio & played some poker. After a while we called Obi to join us but we ended our night not too long after he arrived.

That’s how I spent my Labour Day 🙂





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