The Observer Food Awards

Thursday, May 29, 2014
 When Gabby (My best friend)  invited me to The Observer Food Awards, the morning of the awards, I knew exactly what I was going to wear. It’s an aqua dress my mom had bought and I had never worn it.

Outfit of the night (took these pics when I got home tho)
Outfit of the night (took these pics when I got home)

The Observer Food Awards is an annual award show for restaurants and establishments that cook food in Jamaica. They start the evening with the award giving ceremony where restaurants which were nominated are given their prizes; then they let the patrons into another section of the venue where the different restaurants have booths set up for us to sample their delicacies. The night began with us arriving fashionably late and right on time in my book, we got there about 15 minutes before the end of the award giving ceremony. We used the time wisely to take pictures, hardly trying to blend into the crowd of the older and rich audience.

Gabby & I (A selfie we took during the award ceremony)
Gabby & I

Soon enough the award ceremony wrapped up and we were guided to the booths, there were so many booths with so many different variety of foods, it was eye dazzling.

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We also bucked up Sean Paul.

Sean Paul :D
Sean Paul 😀

 Just to our luck some L’Acadco Drummers and Stilt walkers were performing in front of the Yellow Pages Directory booth.

L'Acadco Drummers Playing Kumina
L’Acadco Drummers Playing Kumina
L'Acadco Stilt walker
L’Acadco Stilt walker
L'Acadco Stilt walker
L’Acadco Stilt walker

We hung with them for a little while then continued roaming through the venue, alas our bellies got full so we circled and went back to the drummers as they were wrapping up their Kumina performance. The night was well spent as we sat talking and taking in the ambience of the fully decorated Devon House.

From left, Shane, myself, Chippy, Gabby & Cespo :)
From left, Shane, myself, Chippy, Gabby & Cespo 🙂

Give thanks for my mom’s fashion sense, friends, drumming & good food.


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