Jesse Royal T-shirt Launch

Saturday, June 7, 2014.

I really enjoyed this day, despite the fact that their was no drumming class and I went to work in the earlier part of the day, I had a blast.

After completing the overtime work, I promptly went to the bathroom and fixed up my face for the evening ahead; then caught a bus to Half Way Tree. I bought a # 1 from Burger King then hopped on another bus to Lexxi’s house, and of course I couldn’t resist munching on the fries for the bus ride.

#Selfies at Lexxi's house.
#Selfies at Lexxi’s house.

We couldn’t be too early so we chilled for a bit and took a selfie before we headed to the venue.

Lexxi & I :)
Lexxi & I 🙂

We thought we were right on time when we got to the venue about 20 minutes to 7, that wasn’t so as the venue was nearly empty. We killed time by looked at the new shirts that were on sale and mingled in the venue.

While waiting for the show to start more selfies were necessary:

IMG_3212 IMG_3210

At 8 pm the host finally adorned the stage and thanked the patrons for coming out and supporting, then the man of the hour came on stage and started his performance. 

The palace pickney, Jesse Royal.

Jesse in one of his featured T-shirts

One thing I love about reggae music is that the artists of the genre support each other, a lot were present at the event. Jesse picked Chronixx to join him on stage and spit a couple lines.

Chronixx & Jesse Royal
Chronixx & Jesse Royal

The performances were awesome, I really enjoyed the show. Plus Lexxi and I got to take pictures with some of our favourite artists.

With the man of the hour, Jesse Royal.
With the man of the hour, Jesse Royal.
Lexxi with Kabaka Pyramid.
Lexxi with Kabaka Pyramid.
My favourite reggae artist, Protoje, and I :) <3
My favourite reggae artist, Protoje, and I 🙂 <3

Even though the event started at the time it was suppose to end, it was worth the wait.


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