A-Game Music Video Launch

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So after the long pause from the 7th to the 17th we had to make up for it? Lexxi and I went out back to back (Raging Fyah’s album launch was yesterday) this time it was just three of us, Meikle joined the raving. 

My friend Alex, popularly known as A-Game, was having his first music video launch and I had to go support him (plus it was his birthday.)

 My day started off normal, I had work from 8:30-5 then I went home and got ready to do road. Shockingly we were early for another event, we got to the venue at 8:30, I’d say because the venue was close to home. When we arrived the venue was scanty not even the man of the night had arrived. Lexxi and I just chilled cause the venue was pretty cool but pinged Meikle and urged him to hurry up. Slowly but surely people started coming in small groups, Meikle among them.

Lexxi & I :)
Lexxi & I 🙂
from left, Me, Lexxi & Meikle
from left, Me, Lexxi & Meikle

At 10 o clock there was a lively crowd jamming to the Dj while waiting for A-Game. At around 10:15 the host took the stage and introduced him, he welcomed the audience and without further ado they premiered the official music video for A-Game Everyday, his first single. 

Check out the video here.

After the video, which is really good, (go check it out) A-Game performed the single and couple other songs off his mixtape. He had some of his friends come up and perform a little too, Schoy, a dancer did his thing while Alex sang. Chevaughn and Delus sang a few of their hits then handed the spotlight back to A-Game but the host took the mic from him and asked the crowd to sing happy birthday. He thanked us and began the birthday segment, so the Dj got his time to shine and began the party.

Even though we left at 12 I’m sure the party segment did shot, I enjoyed my night.


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