Dubwise Wednesdays

Wednesday July 9th 2014

I didn’t have drumming that night as I usually would on a Wednesday so I decided road had to be done. I sat at my desk at work pondering where to go, I took up my phone and started scrolling down my instagram dashboard; only to buck up Dubwise Wednesdays. It’s a chill event where a famous roots DJ, Yaadcore, plays dub roots reggae music, classic roots reggae music and current reggae music, there are guest DJs or artists occasionally; the cost is a small fee of $200JAD. It was reggae music, it was cheap, it was near my house, it was perfect! so I messaged two of my best friends, who live near me, to tell them we were going. I knew my friend Denni would love to go to an event like this so I sent him a text inviting him; and just like that I had plans for the night.

As I got home from work the search for something to wear began, I picked out and tried on several outfits before picking my pink tie dye patterned maxi skirt and a yellow tank top that matched the colours in it; along with accessories that was the outfit. After the most important process I ate some dinner then started getting ready for di road. At 8:30 my mom picked up Lexxi then we made our way to the venue, I was thinking we were fashionably late when we arrived at 8:40.

I was wrong, the venue was filled with reggae music blasting from the sound system, and just that, the crowd was scanty. To kill time Lexxi and I looked around the venue, I-nation had his stall and a rasta man selling handmade crafts and jewellry had a stall as well. There were these rasta coloured rubber armbands that say “Rasta 4 Life” and we asked the I-nation man the cost, which was $300, and we looked at the table, then looked at each other, looked back at the bracelets, then looked back at each other and laughed cause we knew we had to buy them. There was only 2 left and we dubbed them our friendship bracelets. Right after our purchase Gabby arrived, and we went to the gate to greet her.


A couple more people had arrived after Gabby so our trio made our way to secure a table. Gabby didn’t have any dinner so she ordered some food from the neighboring restaurant that shared the property with the bar; and of course selfies were necessary for the wait.

#PoorGabby #TallPeopleProblems
#PoorGabby #TallPeopleProblems
from left Gabby, Myself, Lexxi
from left Gabby, Myself, Lexxi

Not too long after a waiter brought the food, Denni arrived, he brought his cousin as well, they pulled up 2 chairs to our table and the small talk commenced. By that time there was a larger crowd, everyone had good vibes, ganja smoke in the air, people by the bar, others rocking the night away to sweet roots rock reggae music or even belting out song lyrics in Denni’s case. Dubwise had really nice vibes, I went home happy I made the choice to do road.

° {Dubwise still keeps every Wednesday, from 8pm-12am, it is now at a new location, Tiki Hut, 12 Hope Road, Kingston 10, with a fee of $300JAD.}


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