My shoulders relaxed as I heard the Bang! of the wooden door swing shut behind me, my purple wall stared back at me with it’s 3 yellow counterparts, further brightening my mood. I  turned to my right and dropped my bag beside the wooden chair, pushed as far as it could go, under it’s matching computer table and walked a step to the left to the vanity, the off-white tiles were warm beneath my feet. I took off my jewelry looking into the mirror perched on the wooden fixture, they blended into their respective spaces in the clutter. I walked across the miniscule room to the fan, at the end of the queen sized bed, flicking it on, my jaw clenched when it remained immobile. Sighing I trudged to the head of the bed and bent down to plug in my extension cord, a cool breeze wafted in as I rose. I stood by the window for just a second, taking in the view of dusk before climbing onto the bed and sliding over to the middle to be surrounded by two of four pillows, the other two were now beneath my head. The sunset shone on my Bob Marley poster and wall opposite of me in splotches, as it always did at 6:45. I tried to stay conscious but the sheets were soft and warm and felt like they had waited all day for me to return, so I did as they commanded and sunk into slumber.


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