Month: October 2014

Holiday? To the beach!

Jamaica’s Emancipation Day, Friday August 1, 2014 This holiday was well awaited, I rose at 10, had breakfast and started fixing up my blog. I had created it last night and was ready to explore. I sat at my living room table, still adorned in […]

I've Got Lyrics Challenge

Hello all, I’ve got a musical prompt challenge for you. It’s a one time challenge, the date to post your work is Saturday, November 22, 2014. Here’s what you do: Put your phone or MP3 or MP4 or iPod or iPad or anything you listen to music […]

Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Boulevard Style

This was the 5:45 sunset last week Tuesday, I was on my way home and I had to stop and take the picture… (more…)

Transitioning: Why I am going natural.

I’ve decided to go natural and out of all the people I told, only one person asked, why?

3 Ways to keep a girl thinking about you

N.B. These tips are more effective if she has told you that she has feelings for you. When you notice a spectacular characteristic about her, don’t be shy, tell her you find it hot, cute, pretty, nice, sexy, unique… and the compliment will stick.

Dinner at Northside Kitchen

Wednesday July 30, 2014

My friend, Vanessa, invited me to her Birthday dinner at Northside Kitchen 🙂 They serve Chinese and Japanese cuisine. I had to arrive late because it’s engraved in my genes, it was written in the bible (the section you haven’t read) “Shida and early cannot be in the same sentence unless it will be negated” (more…)

Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hey 🙂 What’s up? Today I have another song for you; by Protoje, Arguments, off his album The Seven Year Itch. Take a listen here. Pree the video here.



My goals are: To be more involved in the blogging community. To gain more followers. To work on my writing skills; to be closer to my ideal way of posting/writing by April 2015. xShida

Chronixx on Reggae Mountain

Saturday July 19, 2014

The raving didn’t end with the beach, Lexxi, Minkah and I decided to take in a Chronixx concert in the night. We arrived at the venue terribly late because of some circumstances  but we were set on going. When we arrived at 11:30 they had stopped charging to enter because the venue was full, they weren’t allowing anyone else in but we decided we weren’t leaving after all it took to get there. So we chilled (literally on top of the hill at that hour was really cold) at the gate for a while enjoying the music and the view, my friend Denni who had arrived on time came out and reasoned with us for a while too.


Marijuana vs. Cigarettes

My ramblings on the topic of decriminalization of marijuana in Jamaica.