Wickie Wackie Drum Circle

Saturday July 19, 2014

My day went a little like this…

In my, in my, in my head
The world is yours for the taking said a little voice in my head…

My phone was alarming Jesse Royal’s song This Morning and evidently it was too low, I woke about a minute into the song. I rolled over, stopped it and checked the time, groaning I slowly raised my body, not wanting to be late for class again as usual.

Knowing my plans for today, class felt like I was sitting for 3 hours on a wooden bench, painful. As soon as class ended I all but ran to catch a bus to Treez. Meikle invited Lexxi and I to be a part of the audience for the recording of a short tv series; his dub poem group, Jamaican Colas, was being featured. So we had to go scream his name 😛 It ran a little later than expected but it was fun.

Our next order of business was food, we met up with Don and went over to Tastee and got some fresh out the oven patties. That’s the best kind, trying to eat the patty and blowing yet it’s still burning your mouth but you’re too hungry to care. We then headed to the Transport Centre a.k.a. Bus Park, smack dab in the middle of Treez, to take a bus to Down Town. Being the rebel that I am, I had to convince Lexxi to eat on the bus, it was a regular thing for me, I would never litter the public transport so I ate in it  whenever I was hungry. We were eating and chatting when Meikle’s phone started ringing, “Obi” popped up on the screen and he answered with Greetings.  The conversation ensued for less than a minute when he hung up and spilled the new plan, we were going to come off at Cross Roads and head to Vineyard Town to meet Obi and Chippy instead of enduring the full journey to Bull Bay by bus.

We met up with them at studio then we started the journey, with a buzz of chatter and jokes from Obi the drive seemed to fly by. Once we were near the area we had to keep in contact with Minkah to be able to find her house, which wasn’t hard surprisingly. We also knew we were in Bush when the radio signal started dropping. We got to her house and greeted Mommy & Grandma firstly then grabbed the drums and piled back into the car. Let’s go to the Beach! Let’s go get a wave…

Wickie Wackie1 Wickie Wackie2 Wickie Wackie3 Wickie Wackie4 Wickie Wackie5 Wickie Wackie6 Wicki Wackie7

Wickie Wackie Beach, Bull Bay, St. Andrew, Jamaica.

It was my first time in Bull Bay and this beach proved that I need to get out more. It’s beautiful. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been to a black sand beach either, Jamaica has a lot of sites like this and I want to explore.

The first thing we did was greet the owner of the property, Mr. Jarrett, then we arranged ourselves on the deck (it was the best spot) not too long after we set up Sheeda and her bf, Lij, arrived and joined us. The beach owner was having an event later in the evening so the Dj’s had already set up but they shut off their sound to allow us to play. The early community members didn’t mind as some danced to the riddims.


Wickie Wackie9 Wickie Wackie10 Wickie Wackie11 Wickie Wackie12 Wickie Wackie13 Wickie Wackie14

They were dancing to our drumming
They were dancing to our drumming

Wickie Wackie16 Wickie Wackie17

Don :)
Don 🙂
Obi :)
Obi 🙂

a little snippet: Drumming Video

When the sun started setting we decided it was time to wrap up, so we packed up the drums and took a walk on the beach with the Dj’s sound back up. The wind was blowing strong and the waves were a good size, so we took in the view and stood medzing on the sand.

Wickie Wackie20 Wickie Wackie21 Wickie Wackie22 Wickie Wackie24

It was a really fun day, the sun was warm but the wind was strong and cooling so we didn’t feel hot, I do believe that’s a sign of a good day. Oh! and drumming, wherever there is drumming the vibes is nice.


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