Dinner at Northside Kitchen

Wednesday July 30, 2014

My friend, Vanessa, invited me to her Birthday dinner at Northside Kitchen 🙂 They serve Chinese and Japanese cuisine. I had to arrive late because it’s engraved in my genes, it was written in the bible (the section you haven’t read) “Shida and early cannot be in the same sentence unless it will be negated” Lexxi and Gabby rode with me to the restaurant and almost all the guests had arrived; Tum and Summer arrived about five minutes after us, then the party got started.

from left Tum, Myself, Ness (b-day girl) Gabby, Lexxi
from left Tum, Myself, Ness (b-day girl) Gabby, Lexxi

Ness, Birthday girl, lead the games, we played some simple games around the table while waiting for our meals.

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I had a bowl of sweet corn soup for my appetizer, and ordered the Kingston roll and the Geisha roll with cream cheese spring rolls as the side for my main course and a Smirnoff black ice as my drink. Wednesdays are ladies night at Northside so if you spend over $1,500 JAD you get free dessert, I got ice cream :3 with sprinkles! lool #TeamSplurge #YOLO 

Northside 2
Before *licks lips*
Northside 3
After plus dessert :3

More selfies 🙂

Gabby and Lexxi
Le twin, Tum, & Myself
Le twin, Tum, & Myself
*Jumps in her selfie*

IMG_4949 IMG_4950  IMG_4960

It was my first time at the restaurant and I enjoyed it, their food is really yummy. Northside Kitchen is Shida approved and recommended 🙂


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