Transitioning: Why I am going natural.

I’ve decided to go natural and out of all the people I told, only one person asked, why?

I am going natural for a few reasons: Sometimes I feel some kinda way… like in the space, L’Acadco, everybody (almost everybody) has natural hair, technically quite a few people I roll with do; then I feel bleh… like I wish I could.

My aunt, Aunty Tammy, went natural recently and it was really inspiring plus she looks so cute with her TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro.)

I believe all this reggae I listen to, has finally made me conscious, well I’ve been more conscious for a while but now I feel a pull in that direction… my roots are beautiful and no one can tell me otherwise. (P.S. Imma need a conscious reggae loving man so I must show my empress ways, a crown can’t slip off an afro ๐Ÿ˜› )

One night during summer Minkah said to me “when am I gonna see you with your hair twist up like that? It would fit you” while pointing to the girl on stage, it felt so good to hear someone say that to me, she may be biased because she’s a good friend of mine but it really hit home. I was happy because I liked natural hair but I always had the thought,ย it wouldn’t fit me.

Then I go on instagram and see all these girls with their natural hair and I’m like I wish I could…

And I can… so I am.

Big up my mentor Lexxi <3


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  1. Congrats girl!! If you ever need help you can contact us and/or follow us on here and Instagram at coexisting_naturals. Hope ypur journey is eveythin_g you want it to be, and keep in mind it’s not easy all the time!


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