The little things

Life is too short to not enjoy every minute of it.

Sometimes she has these moments, bursts of darkness, in her aura… in her mind, clouding her thoughts; ruining her whole day. They appear to be a storm right over her head while the sun shines right beside her, alas her pitch black shades dim and distort the light. She can’t hear her friends calling out to her over the roaring thunder, and feels nothing but the numbing effect of the cold rain. She walks around, enduring the day like this, barely conversing, and snapping harshly when she has to. She just wants to be left alone, to suffer through the worry, the stress, the painful stab in her chest every time her heart beats. The next thing she knew she was flat on her ass, on the ground, and surrounded by laughter. Well that’s what happens when you’re in the dark confines of your mind. She looked around embarrassed, she had tripped over someone’s leg; he was sitting on the ground playing a cow bell. She was finally tuned in to the world again, and saw that the rest of the laughter was coming from a couple more men and one woman, playing a sweet riddim on their drums. Most of them were standing, strapped up with djembes, one man was on the djun djuns, and the lady was on the bass drum. Their vibes was enchanting, it sounded amazing and she could feel her waistline ready to move. They were playing the Bap Bap riddim and she couldn’t help herself when she exclaimed “I know this riddim!”
“Well join in then,” said the man on the cow bell, while motioning to the shakers. She grabbed them rising off the floor the same time as he, joining the music making, shaking her hands and hips in sync with a grin now gracing her face; all dark thoughts forgotten.

A random little drumming story 🙂

This is my response to the daily prompt, No Time To Waste.


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