Grand Gala

Jamaica’s Independence Day, Wednesday August 6, 2014

Continuing my Summer Raving posts, this one is about Grand Gala, which is a concert kept every year on Jamaica’s Independence Day at the National Stadium. The tickets are free but are limited to the stadium’s maximum capacity and all patrons are encouraged to wear the colours of the national flag, black, green or gold, some wear all three. It is brought on television for those who weren’t able to get a ticket. Personally the Grand Gala’s creativeness deteriorates every year but it is still a fun experience, be it in the crowd enjoying the vibes or singing along at home. The concert had a multitude of artistes, from singers to dancers, to bands such as the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jamaica; and included speeches from persons in the government. Lexxi, Minkah, Meikle and I went together this year.

mirror Selfie before getting ready 🙂 was sporting my colour
Car Selfie lol
The Bob Marley Statue at the Stadium
Meikle, Myself, Minkah & Lexxi 🙂
I had to take a pic of this lady sporting Rihanna’s hair style lol
Natty Dread 😛

IMG_5236 IMG_5240 IMG_5264 IMG_5268 IMG_5279 IMG_5291

The night always ends with fireworks 🙂


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