Paint Jamaica!

Saturday August 16, 2014

On this day I volunteered with Paint Jamaica. The goal of Paint Jamaica is to change and revolutionize the relationship between art, talent and society; along with creative expression, they had a greater social cause which is to change the negative stigma around Kingston’s inner cities. Essentially Paint Jamaica is “The social & art intervention set to transform Jamaica’s visual surroundings through democratic art and uplifting messages. “

I helped with one of the last paintings at 41 Fleet Street, Parade Gardens, Jamaica. Which was the Marcus Garvey mural for his Birthday that was coming up on August 17th. (The mural was not completed on this day and will be shown in a later post.) Read more.

Paint Jamaica on




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The people are kind and I’m glad I could be a part of beautifying the warehouse 🙂 Check them out.


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  1. […] The last time I went to Fleet Street was to learn a bit of Capoeira, this time it was to give some strength and be a background person in Runkus and Royal Blu’s music video, not yet released. While there, I snapped some pics of the new art pieces, unfortunately the sun was jus about setting so the lighting isn’t too great but the pics can work with, also I didn’t get to take photos of everything but I’ll definitely be back soon; without further ado here are some of the newer pieces to have graced Jamaica’s walls. Revisit my very first time at Fleet Street, here. […]

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