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Hello 🙂

Today I have a song for you called, “Bit Too Shy” it’s the first official single by the upcoming artiste Sevana. I heard her sing  for the first time in February at Live From Kingston-a biannual reggae concert- and I fell in love with her voice. Please enjoy the soulful sounds of Sevana – Bit Too Shy.

I really like the song, I watched an interview of her explaining what the song is about and she said it’s her lyricsing a guy because she likes him and he’s a bit too shy. ‘Lyricsing‘ is a Jamaican way to say lyrics to someone you’re interested in, for example when a guy is trying to get your number, he starts a conversation with you, lyricsing would be him saying how he likes your eyes and would love to stare into them all night if you’d give him a chance to.

Check out Sevana Siren on: Facebook & Instagram.

This year’s second staging of Live From Kingston is on December 20th.

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