The Riddim of my Heartbeat

If my life was a movie everyone would hear the riddims that resound in my head when I’m walking. Yes, riddim was on purpose, I don’t mean rhythm. Riddims are played on hand drums or African drums. Those are the beats I walk in rhythm with. I feel like the intro for the movie would have an agogo bell playing something fancy in it; with drums, of course, but the bell would be the main focus.

The other parts of the movie would go by theme, if I’m talking to my crush, “Mr. Right” by Jah9 would be playing or “Come My Way” by Protoje or even “Bit Too Shy” by Sevana. The song that could play everyday in my movie would be “Who Knows” by Protoje featuring Chronixx, I mean I just love it here in the West Indies. I go out a lot, kinda, so my movie would be full of music lol if I continue this is going to end in a long list of my favourite songs, so I’ll end here 🙂

Take a listen:
Mr. Right
Come My Way
Bit Too Shy
Who Knows

See the drums I’m talking about here.

This is in response to the Daily prompt: Cue the Violins.


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