Infographic Doodles

Yes, I did this at work, don’t tell and stop judging me 😛
merci beaucoup.

I’ve wanted to make a infographic for a while now but I have no photoshop and my laptop is a little slow (I still love it) so I decided to draw a draft of the infographic.

noun: infographic; plural noun: infographics; noun: info-graphic; plural noun: info-graphics
1. a visual representation of information or data,
-From Google

Laugh if you wish but I love my doodles 🙂
What to do at Dubwise, located at Tiki Hut, 12 Hope Road, kept every Wednesday from 8pm-12am Fee:$300JAD.


The music can be heard from the road 🙂 So follow the clouds from the entrance.


I-Nation and Base Kingston & Bell line the entrance; you pay & receive an armband at the gate. Which opens to Yaadcore. (p.s. the squiggly haired people have locs.)


The bar has a huge mango tree in the centre with a thatched roof below the leaves and a counter surrounding the base; where alcoholic beverages and other soft drinks are on sale.


Mi Hungry Whol’ Some Food is a vegetarian restaurant which sells their food and natural juices. Ital is vital. 


“Come early & stay late.” -Yaadcore
Do you like my full moon with cloud cover? lool comment if you do.


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