Small Pleasures make our days #1

I’ve been trying to start The Weekly Small Pleasures Challenge by Mani but I kept forgetting, so I finally remembered maybe because my stress level is turnt down. My small pleasures for this week are:

1) I’m transitioning back to natural & I’m happy about my new growth.


2) I bought a Christmas themed coconut macaroon at the supermarket bakery 🙂 It was très délicieux.


3) I got a pedicure, starting up the birthday festivities 🙂


4) At the Christmas party at work I had a glass of coca cola & Appleton special a.k.a. rum & coke and for dessert the Jamaican Christmas cake/fruit cake (in cup cake form) was Christmas themed (of course) it was cute & so yummy.

5) I had a cinnamon swirl on my way home but I forgot to take the pic because it was so good & warm too 🙂


6) I did my nails #TurnUp 😀



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