Kelissa Live!

To find something to wear! I ran through my closet, in my head, trying to find the best pick. The scrolling stopped and my thoughts gathered, I got it! I had to be prepared for the freezing night air on Jack’s Hill a.k.a. Reggae Mountain.

IMG_8333 IMG_8343

Since Lexxi and I decided we were definitely going to be early for this event, by 9 pm we were well on our way; the car ride was fast and entertained by the hearty jokes of Denni. I still wonder why he isn’t a comedian. Corner after corner up the steep hill we went, finally arriving at Levels Cafe, 6B Skyline drive. I think the road is named with good reason too.

The view.


Being early for an event felt so strange, I messaged Chippy and told him we had arrived, only to see Obi was here as well. Lexxi, Abbey, Denni & I took turns taking pics before heading into the venue.

IMG_8358 IMG_8361 IMG_8366

The stage was set and ready, purely of instruments. The venue was scanty though people were trodding in slowly but surely.


The picture of the stage was edited by Denni, the founder of Universal Reggae, check out the facebook page here.

Jamaicans are never on time, including event planners and producers, before the event even began, we listened to music and chattered, checked if food was on sale, the food persons (Veggie Meals on Wheels) hadn’t arrived yet, we waited some more, continuing conversation, all this in the still scanty venue until they had arrived. We ordered some food and of course took more pictures for the wait.

Chippy & I (Bad photographer Lexxi)

IMG_8383 IMG_8369


Side Note: Chakula, the owner of the cafe & Kelissa’s father, makes natural IMG_8388juices, I purchased the cherry juice and it was amazing, so amazing I literally had to make everyone (I went with) taste it. I’m still dreaming about that juice to this day.



By the time we finished eating, the venue had a considerably sized crowd, ready to start.

Kelissa sang so beautifully in the first song, it made me see her in a new light.You could see that music is her passion, and that she really put an effort into the show; like any other reggae concert she called up various artistes to drop a few lines. See a short clip on youtube here.

The soulful Kelissa :)
The soulful Kelissa 🙂
Chippy Soloed
Kabaka Pyramid & Dre Island
Jesse Royal
And of course her brother Keznamdi


I truly enjoyed it.


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  1. Hehehehehe… You guys are not the only ones who stick to time not, we call it Nigerian time, literally showing up thirty or an hour late and expecting everything to sail smoothly! I once asked my friend why we do that, he said you gotta make them anticipate you, you don’t want to be the first one on the scene, looking like a J.J.C.(newbie)! I tried going in for an event pretty early, although i had to wait for an hour for the event, it gave me ample time to take in the scene. Make my self more comfortable. And it made me feel disciplined too. Thanks!

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