New Year, New Me?

There are years when you don’t make any New Year’s resolutions, some when you forget to and this year I decided to but Doni from Inner Beauty Diva inspired me to post my list. (Look at me doing everything else but the 3 posts I have in draft D: )

My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Stop eating pork, in every shape and form.
  2. I’ve cut out milk and started drinking soy milk instead so I hope to stick to this.
  3. I want to start exercising again, I’m slim but being toned is the goal and I want to be stronger as well, for the sake of my drumming of course <3
  4. I hope to continue the growing of my blog, the ideas are flowing and I’m ready for the new year.
  5. I want to start posting videos on my YouTube channel again.
  6. I hope to get my drumming skills up! So I need practice practice practice.
  7. I want to hop in more L’Acadco dance classes to actually learn to dance, it’s a beauty to watch & I’d love to learn.
  8. I hope to be more focused when it comes to my school work.
  9. I hope to get myself more together mentally, to better my time management skills & budgeting.
  10. I hope to go to lots & lots of reggae concerts (maybe I’ll find a conscious yute to sweep me off my feet.)

I hope you have a wonderful, adventure-filled, fun-filled and prosperous new year.


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