Month: January 2015

It Begins: Reggae Month! ♫

Hey 🙂 I made a post before about Reggae Month (February) it’s longer and more informative than this one, you can find it here. I’d just like to say I’m so excited for Reggae Month and I’ll try to keep my posts as informative as […]

No-Maddz Album Launch

The long awaited Sly & Robbie presents No-Maddz Album was released on Tuesday January 27, 2015. The flyer says gates open at 7pm so technically I was late, I had ACCA class from 5:30-8:30 and I arrived at Countryside Club at minutes to 9 just in time to […]

Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday!

So I decided to try out this blog event by Nerd in the Brain. What you do is make a post each Thursday (or on the Thursdays that you feel like it) sharing three things from the previous week that made you smile or laugh or appreciate the awesome of your life.

Three things that made me laugh, smile & appreciate my life 😀 this week are:

  1. I got to hang out with my best friend, Davia, on Saturday. We went to the Japanese Calendar Exhibition.
  2. I went to the No-Maddz album launch on Tuesday night with Cespo & Jovan (jokers!! 😀 )and I bought an album too. (Look out for my post about this tomorrow 🙂 )
  3. Grandma made me scrambled eggs and slices of fried breadfruit for breakfast on Wednesday and it was really yummy, Thanks Grams! 






From the 2014 movie Annie, I fell in love with this version of “Opportunity” On New Year’s Eve I watched Annie with my lil sis & I loved it 🙂 So last night before bed I turned on the radio & some dancehall was playing so […]

Music: About You

Music: About You

Hello 🙂 As you may know my favourite genre of music is Reggae, what’s yours? This poll is open to everyone, so feel free to answer.

Japanese Calendar Exhibition

A couple prize calendars

Last Saturday was the Japanese Calendar Exhibition, this was my second year going and it was just as entertaining and fun as last year. The only fault I had was that the challenges to win a calendar were harder than last year 🙁 You still get a paper calendar for attempting the challenge just not one of the bigger prize ones with beautiful pictures of areas in Japan. Fun fact: For the Japanese 2015 is the year of the sheep.
Other than trying to win a calendar there were Akaidou demonstrations, Gymnastics demonstrations, live drawing, and other exhibits. I took a few pictures, check them out: (more…)

Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hello Everyone 🙂 Today I have a quote for you that I found on MahoganyCurls facebook page here. While you’re there like 876LoveR on FB here. I was scrolling down my newsfeed on FB and I saw that picture, and it spoke to me. I know […]

Behind the Ananse Ntontan

I’m assuming you saw my previous post, about Siwatu Jewelry, their logo has an Ananse Ntontan over the “j” and that inspired my post signoff. It is my favourite Adinkra symbol. Ananse Ntontan means “spider’s web” the symbol stands for wisdom, creativity and the complexities of life. Ananse, […]

Siwatu Jewelry

Siwatu Jewelry was created by Mr. & Mrs. Abayomi. Sentwali & Ashenafi makes jewelry IMG_0593by hand from copper and organic materials. Siwatu is a Jamaica based company but also international, it started from taking orders via phone & on facebook and delivering them. Now they have launched their official website!


Express Yourself

Express Yourself

The Daily Post photo challenge: Express Yourself Immersed in the book.