On Thursday, December 18, 2014

I finally got to see Nanook for myself 🙂 I didn’t really know what to expect but I like it, it feels magical there. The venue has a large yard space for parking, the entrance walls were lined with paintings from the Paint Jamaica Crew that did their work on Tuesday nights. The main building is a mostly wooden structure with a bar on the ground floor while the second floor is a deck with seating overlooking the stage.

Once you walk through the building you enter the backyard which also has a a lot of space, the stage was a concrete rectangle taking up 1/4 of the space, closest to the bar; the walls of the yard were also adorned with beautiful paintings, and in front of the stage were a few seats.

IMG_8704 IMG_8707

My friend Bugzy decided the 3 seat metal bench was the perfect seat for us and quickly snatched it & brought it not too far from the stage, right in front of the small bonfire. Lexxi, Abbey, & I thanked him of course and sat, the chair could hold about 6 people, it was huge. Before the live band music started, DJ Isset Sankofa was playing some world music & Lexxi felt the urge to drum and mentionedIMG_8684 it to me. So I asked Bugzy if we could borrow his djembe and he said “you’re drummers so you can always borrow my drum” alas it was on the stage and Lexxi was being shy; so he brought it over to us and we took turns soloing along with the music.

IMG_9137 IMG_9138

After a fIMG_8695ew songs had passed the band members started setting up and we returned Bugzy’s drum, not too long after that Denni finally arrived and joined us. For the rest of the night time I was there the band did covers of songs and had an open mic for persons to come up and get their 15 mins of fame.

We didn’t stay till the end because I had work the next day but it was a really nice experience and I’ll definitely be back.


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