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I finally volunteered with Feeding of the 5000 on December 21, 2014 with Denni’s encouragement, and it was a heart warming experience, I know the next time they’re having a volunteering event I’d love to be of service.

Feeding of the Five Thousand (5000) Outreach Foundation “is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help to change the world by changing individual lives. We all know the importance of food to human survival and we all know for a fact that there are many persons here in our island, Jamaica, that go to bed hungry every night. Feeding of the Five Thousand (5000) was founded by Jordan Bennett at the age of 17, as he had a deep desire for helping needy persons.” -The Feeding facebook page

Feeding collects all forms of donations: monetary, food items, and clothing which they give to the needy. There are also specific feeding days where donations of food items are prepared, cooked, served, by volunteers, and given to homeless and needy persons. So basically on the feeding day we drive around giving out lunch boxes of food and a drink to the homeless, the areas reached by the foundation so far are Downtown, Crossroad, Half Way Tree, New Kingston, Papine, Spanish Town and Portmore.

Feeding of the 5000 is on facebook



Please check them out, all donations are accepted.


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