The Thing About Boys

I have to wonder if it’s just the Jamaican male that behaves like this?

  • They want to skip the friendship stage and be in an intimate relationship.
  • Sex becomes a main topic at the beginning or soon after becoming friends.
  • They are persistent in the sex quest.
  • You end up blocking them & deleting their number.

This topic of course came up in a conversation with Lexxi (click KultureShocked to see her post about this) and I had to express this, I turn away most men because of a vibe they give off. If  the vibe is right I give them a chance, call it a grace period, and most f**k it up.

They make me feel like all guys want to do is have sex. What about other stuff? Intellectual stuff, fun stuff? It is quite annoying frankly.

The male species seriously needs to understand, they ruin their chances from the get go by bringing up sexual activities too early in a friendship. Friendship. Not even a relationship as yet. They are more likely to get sex if they start from the bottom, have normal conversations about normal everyday things, maybe go out, and maybe make out, yea, but when you want sex too early it is upsetting.

Don’t get me wrong there are decent men out there, who can actually court a woman, they just live in my purple mansion in my head and all happen to be my man servants, I’m sorry I will not be unleashing them into the world.

Every female has a vagina, so if that’s what he wants he can go find it elsewhere, that’s my philosophy with guys. My male friend says that a man is gonna want sex, and I have no problem with that but I find it offensive when I don’t know your middle name but you want to do the naughty with me. It feels like you want me for just that, trust me that ain’t  happening; if for some reason I look easy, you going learn today.


First rant post lol, sigh males. What about men irk you?


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