Dubwise: 1 year old!

Last week Wednesday, January 7, 2015 was the one year anniversary of Dubwise 🙂 The first time I went was in summer of 2014, I’ve been a couple of times since then and it’s been fun every time.

What to do at Dubwise:
♦Come early…
♦Follow the loud sounds of dub into the venue.
♦See wah gwan at I-Nation’s stall.
♦Go see if your pocket tall enough to buy a shirt from the Base Kingston & Belle stall.
♦Pay your $300Jad & enter.
♦May or may not smoke some weed.
♦Buy some I-tal vegetarian food from Mi Hungry Whol’ Some Food.
♦Wash it down with their natural juice or something stronger at the bar.
♦Enjoy the ambiance and musical styling of Dj Yaadcore.
♦Dance/Rock away.
♦…& Stay late.

Dubwise is at Tiki Hut, 12 Hope Road, each & every Wednesday from 8pm-12am, check out their facebook page here & their instagram page here. Since I love taking pictures, I believe I have evidence of every Dubwise I’ve been to im gonna try & dig up the pics. Wow it felt like more I’ve only been 6 times since summer.

Oh! I bought my first shirt from the Base Kingston & Belle stall last week 😀



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