Reggae Month! ♫

*Ahem* *clears throat* Hi everybody 🙂

I’d like to tell you about my second favourite month, February, no not for Valentine’s Day I can buy myself chocolate all year round 😛 In Jamaica February is Reggae Month! ♫ ♪ ♫

JaRIA (The Jamaica Reggae Industry Association) alongside a sizeable amount of sponsors organizes Reggae Month, it was established in 2009. This Reggae Month the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre is the official venue.

“Looking forward to 2015, the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) is elated at finally having the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre as the Reggae Village for our February 2015, month long, Reggae Month activities. We congratulate the Reggae Month committee for guiding the process and thank the JCDC for their kind consideration.


We look forward to Reggae Wednesdays, Reggae University, the second mounting of the Annual Trade Fair, the possibility of discovering the “next big reggae phenomenon” during our Tuesday Live activities, the Friday evening relaxation sessions and of course, a special Valentine’s Day Dance featuring Stone Love. All of these activities plus having lunch each and every day while enjoying the best of our music, dance and drama will happen from the 1st to the 28th of February, inclusive, in the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre.


Outside of that venue” …continue reading here.

Here is the calendar for the month. (click to enlarge.)

calender1 calender2

Want more details? Check out JaRIA’s website here (click it just to see their cover photo :3 ) and for all of you lovely (interested) people abroad, check out Jamaica’s Reggae Month on facebook here (check especially on days of concerts) they usually post a link to see it streamed live!

Enjoy, I know I will 🙂



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