The Versatile Blogger Award!

*Drum roll* I have to give a huge thanks to April from April’s Perspective for nominating me for “A Versatile Blogger” award 🙂 This is my second blog award and I’m very thankful for it. I’m so happy that you nominated me 🙂 On my blog I write about my life here in Jamaica, so any and everything that comes up I write about it, mainly about the adventures events I go on to but I have poems, a few stories, inspirational quotes, I do picture challenges (with my phone of course x_x) and recently I started a style blog because the posts I had in mind were too much for my little piece of Jamaica. Check out Rebel in Red Lipstick here. Thanks again April, I really Appreciate it 🙂

Here are 7 facts about Shida:

  1. I am a Drummer and I love it! <3 I don’t know how to play on the drum set, I play African drums like djembes, congas, djun djuns. I’m not a professional I’m learning and growing to be better, I started in high school so I’ve been playing for 5 years now 🙂 Oh! you can call me a percussionist, I play shakers, cow bells, agogo bells, and other small percussions 🙂 (Long story short: I’m a Drummer, a Percussionist and lastly a Performer.)
  2. I love the Arts, anything to do with art amazes me, I love looking at paintings, drawings, sculptures, pictures, typography, “graffiti” I appreciate these things, they make me wish I could do that too. As I said Arts; watching a dance show, fulljoying a concert, it’s all so thrilling to see people’s God given talents (if you learned it you’re amazing too.) P.S. Nothing is more fun than performing, showing the world what you can do and having fun with it 🙂
  3.  I’ll always prefer D.I.Y. (Do it yourself) than to buy it or get someone else to do it, because that’s how my Mommy always was, she’s still like that; so YouTube and Google are my friends lol. (No matter how terrible it turns out I’ll still wear it because I made it 🙂 )
  4.  I like when things are/can be personalized, a mug with my name, a book with a R on the cover, clothes that a team made; I just like it. (876LoveR, hope you got that…Rashida)
  5. I can sew, I learned from my Grams and my Mommy. (Actually I just followed them and it went well but they’ll help me if I need it.)
  6. I’m an optimistic person and I’m partially fueled by inspirational quotes, hi! other friend Pinterest, not necessarily quotes on pictures but inspirational quotes overall give me life lol. (I like being happy but piss me off and you’ll hear it @#$! x: especially if you purposely down on my good mood, #SorryNotSorry #DontRuinGoodMoods)
  7. I’m gonna put two three in one here 😀 I love French, I did it for 6 years in high school and I want to continue learning it. I love Mangas and Animes which lead to my love for Japanese, that I want to learn in the future. P.S.S. I going to visit France eventually, and one day I’m going to get lost in Japan with my best friends, Autumne & Davia.

Here are the rules for my nominees:

  • Show the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 blogs.
  • Link to your nominee’s blog and let them know.

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