Things we love about Jamaican Culture

Hiya 🙂 I did a small survey, I asked people I’m friends with on facebook “What’s their favourite thing about Jamaican Culture?” and when I tallied the results, the food and the music were the most loved things, followed by our vibes and kindness/carefree attitude.


Here’s what we love about our Jamaican Culture:

  1. Our Food. “Roast breadfruit.” “The Food.”
  2. The Music. “I love the music because it brings the people together which also brings most parts of the culture together like food, clothes, dance etc.” “Our Music.
  3. The Vibes. “Random strangers can be brought together by simple elements like music. Once there’s vibes there’s a unified stance that vibes cyaa done and everybody juss happy.” “I would have to say the vibes we have as a people and the way we’ve managed to integrate that into everything we do e.g. food and music.” “The Vibes.”
  4.  The Niceness and Warmth of the People, we are friendly, you could be standing in the line at the bank or travelling on a public bus; sparking up a conversation with a stranger is an easy task.You can call an older lady Aunty so-and-so(insert a name here), and everybody helps out somebody.”(p.s. not your real aunt) “The free spirit and kindness that we have for each other.” “Our support.”
  5.  Our Patriotism. “Our love of our Countryour teamwork is turnt up, best believe everyone is voting for Kaci to win miss universe.” “The way our people are supportive of those representing us.
  6. Our Optimism. “Our ability to tek bad tings mek laugh.Sidenote: Taximen (taxi drivers) coaster bus drivers, even JUTC bus drivers are hilarious, they make me wonder if a criterior to become a public transport driver is being a comedian.
  7. Only one person said our Language but I had to add it to the list. There’s no place like Jahmekyah 😀

“The food and music.”

“The vibes…”

“The music.”

“The food.”

If you can’t understand the patois check my Yaady Dictionary here.

(The featured image is by Mau Mau, it was found on google but his website is


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  1. I love your music, especially songs from eBennie Muan (Beenie Man), Damian ‘Jnr Gong’ Marley, Movado and Sean kingston. Ah! Not forgetting Bob Marley used to listen to him since I was a tod, he is a legend! I used to love the fact that smoking ganja was like a part of your culture – cos I did, back then our dream was to travel Jamaica, smoke and listen to live bands jam!. I love your beaches and wish I can come lay under a lonely coconut tree with the love of my life, as we watch the waves bring water to our feet’s’…. hmmm. I n school I read about you, found out the real occupants are not existing. Heard about Marcus Gavey! Read a lot of your books and found out you guys were part of our family. I really enjoy the stories I hear about the Caribbean, I must confess I like Rihanna… lols. Nice one!

    • Oh nice! 🙂 I listen to those artistes too, not really Sean Kingston though. So you no longer have that dream? I live that dream, all the time :’) live music is the best! I’m sure you have time, you can visit one day, and as you land, head straight to the beach! 🙂 Yes we came from your home, lol nothing is wrong with that, I like Rihanna’s music 🙂

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