Japanese Calendar Exhibition

A couple prize calendars

Last Saturday was the Japanese Calendar Exhibition, this was my second year going and it was just as entertaining and fun as last year. The only fault I had was that the challenges to win a calendar were harder than last year 🙁 You still get a paper calendar for attempting the challenge just not one of the bigger prize ones with beautiful pictures of areas in Japan. Fun fact: For the Japanese 2015 is the year of the sheep.
Other than trying to win a calendar there were Akaidou demonstrations, Gymnastics demonstrations, live drawing, and other exhibits. I took a few pictures, check them out:

Let me tell you about Chupse, this product line was created by the Jamaican Association on Intellectual Disabilities (JAID) with the help of a Japanese volunteer, to raise funds for disabled persons (they have a spot at the exhibit every year.) The base is the School of Hope recently renamed the Schools of Special Education.


Chupse is Patois for a small kiss. Chupse products are made from natural materials by persons with intellectual disabilities as well as volunteers; from Japan and otherwise. The products are sold at various outlets across Jamaica so next time you see Chupse, make sure to support by purchasing a product 🙂 Want to know more? click here for an article.

Chupse is on facebook here. The JAID website is here.


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