Bob Marley

Happy 70th Birthday Mr. Robert Nesta Marley!!!!!

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I really appreciate the legacy you’ve left behind, tune after tune, a Bob hit never gets old! Just as amazing is how most of your children continue to produce amazing music. I’m truly grateful that you brought Reggae Music to the world. It has progressed a lot since your time, Jamaica is accepting Reggae & Dancehall in coexistence as OUR music. The One Drop Riddim still gets a bounce on the sound systems but it has expanded and I hope you’re enjoying it in Heaven. Inspired by Kulture Shocked I decided to write a poem, check out her poem, Mr.Marley, here.

A Medley

Play I some music, this a reggae music
Roots Rock Reggae, this a reggae music
and We’re jamming.
Hit me with music
cause when it hits you feel no pain.
Singin’ don’t worry about a thing,
three little birds pitched by my doorstep
and I couldn’t help but think
One Love, One heart
Let’s join together and feel alright.
Looking like the rising sun she walked by & waved
“Is this love that I’m feeling?”
 I don’t wanna
Wait in vain for your love,
From the very first time I rest my eyes on you, girl,
I wondered…
Could You be loved?
I want to give you some good, good lovin’
just Excuse me while I light my spliff…

The Bob Marley songs I used are “Waiting In Vain,” “Three Little Birds,” “One Love,” “Is This Love,” “Could You Be Loved,” “Jamming,” “Turn Your Lights Down Low,” “Roots Rock Reggae,” “Trench Town Rock,” and “Easy Skanking.”

Here’s my last Bob poem, Mellow Vibrations.

Happy Birthday Bob, 1945-1981.



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