Writing 201: Trust

The End
They were both at fault, intentionally & unintentionally
His past a constant reminder that
No one had pure intentions
She said untruthful words with hurtful intent
And that was all he needed to spiral back
Into his dark past
And with that his trust in her was lost
Communication came to a
Hold, she was always
Overthinking, thinking his words were all
Lies, tears & fears of letting go, for this was her first time
In love

So excuse my lack of knowledge but I learnt what an acrostic is from this challenge, today’s theme is trust. This was difficult lol this type of poem I’d definitely have to practice.

Prompt: Trust
Form: Acrostic
Device: Internal Rhyme


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  1. They’re not easy to pull off but the formal restrictions really require you to consider every piece of the work. You’ve a fine start here. In revision, play a bit with your word choices: what might replace “dark” “pure” or “hurtful”?

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