Writing 201: Fingers

Our Little Secret

Sparks lingered where his fingers traced patterns on my back, lightly, a feather soft touch. It left me in a daze, all the while trying to focus, small circle, a line, down the arch of my spine. This is driving me insane, and I could see he was enjoying this game. Our lips entwined, I tried to fight back, playing with the nape of his neck, right at his hairline. That only unleashed a hornier beast, across my shoulders, around my waist, just above my bum, oh! this is fun.

Writing 201 Day 7, the theme for today is fingers.

Prompt: Fingers
Form: Prose Poetry
Device: Assonance

(Source of the featured image is MangaFox on facebook.)


6 responses to “Writing 201: Fingers”

  1. So many kinds of nice rhymes in there. “entwined, I tried to fight” was the straightest assonance. Oh! Reading this was fun!

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