Writing 201: Future

It’s Day 10, the final day of Writing 201 from Blogging U, and I have enjoyed it, I plan to try out these different poetry forms in the future. I realized I messed up the rhyme scheme, after I wrote the first stanza but I didn’t change it because I liked how it flowed.

A Big Dream

I wish I had a crystal ball, that worked.
I go day by day, endlessly tired, always irked.
Tired endlessly, I go to that 9-5 and fake it,
always daydreaming of the day I’ll make it.

I see the light and I see the dark,
in this huge plan of mine,
that only makes me strive harder, to hit that mark.
The harder I strive, I see I still have time.

I’m just living and loving life,
for I know, I’m not given more than I can bear.
I’m loving this life worth living, no fear, no strife.

Are you going to stay there?
I refuse to. I will get up and grate it,
and you watch me take it, no, watch me make it.

Prompt: Future
Form: Sonnet
Device: Chiasmus

(Featured image taken by Nicholi Stevens.)


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