Writing 201: Landscape


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Let’s Go To The Beach

Enduring the full journey to Bull Bay, ‘Bush’
“Let’s go to the Beach! Let’s go get a wave…”
When the radio signal started dropping
we knew we had arrived,
Wickie Wackie Beach, Bull Bay, St. Andrew.

It was my first time in Bull Bay,
it’s beautiful, this beach, black sand,
warm sun, strong wind, so cooling.
On the deck, the best spot, we sat.

They turned down their sound,
and allowed us to play the drum and yes,
some community members danced,
riddim by riddim, trapped in our trance.

Oh! Jamaica, these sites.
There’s a lot I want to explore.
The setting sun, it was time to wrap up,
so the drums, we packed up.

We took a walk on the sand, stood medzing the view…
The waves were a good size too.
Wherever there’s drumming the vibes is nice…
Drumming, the beach, my friends, a really fun day?
Why, yes, I do believe that’s a good day.

Day 9, landscape, I found this poem from my post Wickie Wackie Drum Circle.

Prompt: Landscape
Form: Found Poetry
Device: Enumeratio


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