Month: February 2015

Expression Wednesdays

Hello 🙂 Today I have a picture from the Reggae Month Whiteboard Series by Kulture Shocked. You can listen to Waiting For You by Kabaka Pyramid here. I hope everyone is enjoying Ash Wednesday 🙂 #ReggaeMusicFiPlay

Writing 201: Trust

The End They were both at fault, intentionally & unintentionally His past a constant reminder that No one had pure intentions She said untruthful words with hurtful intent And that was all he needed to spiral back Into his dark past And with that his trust in her was […]

Writing 201: Journey

A bus precariously packed with percussion, and drummers trying not to nod

A four hour drive to Negril, together we trod

With Drummy drumming on the back of my seat

I stare out the window, imagining something to eat

Through twists & turns, my gut stays strong, let this journey end soon, dear God.

Day 2, Journey.

Prompt: Journey
Form: Limerick
Device: Alliteration

I can’t wait for Saturday 🙂

(Featured image taken by Nicholi Stevens.)


Writing 201: Water

The sun shone as bright as it felt, warming the black sand, unbalanced with such stormy seas. A Water haiku. Prompt: Water Form: Haiku Device: Simile

Redemption Live

I’m being so bad to you all, I was late to another concert, when I arrived at little past 8pm Marcia Griffiths went on stage. This concert was another celebration of Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday, it was free & had a plethora of artistes, from […]

A Year with L'Acadco

I’m a very sentimental person, so I find myself harboring things as memories, be it pictures, flyers, ticket stubs
I keep a lot of them.
IMG_2766My friend Cespo gave me that stick; he broke it playing the djun djuns at a company rehearsal, exactly one year ago as of today.
So I use that to mark the date as I proudly say I’ve been in L’Acadco for a year. (more…)

Valentine's Day

“Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, Love leaves a memory that no one can steal” 💕 -Unknown So I’m single this Valentine’s Day but I can’t bring myself to mope about because I still have wonderful memories of a past love; and […]

Happy Earthstrong Bob Marley!

Last week Friday was Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday so I had to join the festivities 😀 I went to the free  concert at the Bob Marley Museum on 56 Hope Road. I got there late though, because of work, it was from 4-8pm and ended […]

Keep Blogging

Keep Blogging

One of my million philosophies that I have but forget from time to time is

When inspiration hits, you write.

So I’d like to share some blogging quirks of mine/blogging goals: (I don’t know what to call this lol)

  1. Make a post for everyday of each month and if I post more than the amount of days, that’s even better. I have my archives in my sidebar which shows the number of posts per month and that’s my visual motivator.
  2. A quote that keeps me blogging is “You have to understand that even if your voice goes unheard, it doesn’t go unnoticed.” –Young&Twenty. I like this quote because the internet is vast and my posts may not get a lot of views but they will leave a little dent.
  3. I’m still at the learning phase and I think my posts sound like me, by that I mean my personality, the way I talk (without the Patois of course) but I try to ooze that(me) into my posts.
  4. Sometimes I put my thoughts in italics and purple, it’s my favourite colour. (hehe)
  5. There’s more in store for 876LoveR in 2015 so keep a look out 😉

Thanks for passing through my little piece of Jamaica.


The Bloodlines Concert

The first staging of JaRIA’s Reggae Wednesday Concerts was centered around Artistes who have done the music industry proud and their children or grandchildren who also do music. I gotta big up the Armshouse Crew dwl (dead wid laugh) 😀