Daily Struggle: The Story

I rose ready for di the road, energy and excitement twirling in my belly, and oozing from my pores. Today was the day, Protoje’s private album listening, only a few were selected. Doing my morning ritual, I checked my messages- *record scratch* eyebrows knitted, mouth slack, brain trying to connect the dots- I had gotten a Whatsapp message from L’Acadco’s Rehearsal Director stating a change in the rehearsal time from 4 to 3pm. When my listening session was at 3:30 pm. Oh shit. I can’t miss this. I jumped out of bed disheartened, the times for the listening sessions were picked out from yesterday, would I be able to switch times? I scurried around the room, placing my necessities on the bed, bags for the day were packed from last night. After my shower and hastened breakfast I was out the door and on my way to work. Why work on a Saturday you ask? That is an Accountant struggle when the Tax is due.

I sat at my paper-bombed desk, brain ticking, Protoje is my favourite reggae artiste, I can’t give up IMG_2202like this. So I whipped out my phone and sent an email to the person in charge, asking if I could change my time to the 2-3 o’clock listening. I began my work, ear keen for the beep of my phone. Not too long after there was the beep, heart racing, with fingers fumbling I opened the email, “Yes there’s space, you may join the 2-3pm session” and just like that I knew Jah works. The next task at hand was finishing up my assigned work by 2. I scribbled, erased, *calculator clicked* scratched my head, and rushed to finish up. At 2pm I was complete. Rushing to catch a cab was the third task.

A taxi to Half Way Tree arrived in less than 5 minutes, after bustling with my 3 bags to the next taxi stand, getting one to the venue took a little more time. Trying to look decent, I willed my sweaty body to cool down while I put in a headband. At 2:22pm I had arrived at the listening, IMG_2208late, hot, and full of bags but happy that I made it. I mouthed a greeting while entering the room ‘Who Knows’ playing on full blast. I had never been in a recording studio before and it was posh. I waved to Nickii who I spotted in the corner before taking a seat on the floor, beside some other fans, I unladen my body of the bags, and was greeted by the lady behind the email, she asked my name. (Giiiiirl! why won’t you answer to your name?)

IMG_2209After the track finished he said the name and started the next one, that continued until the album ended. If Protoje wasn’t an artiste I’m sure he could be a DJ! We all got a chance to express our thoughts on the album, a girl said it was truly amazing to which I cheekily responded, “I came late, but I believe her” which earned some chuckles. The lovely Sevana got featured when he dropped her song “Bit Too Shy” I bet he didn’t think we’d all be singing along. At 3pm I had to leave and head to my rehearsal but not before hopping into the group picture, Protoje had wanted it for Instagram, which he tagged us all in.


The last struggle of the day, was walking up the road in full black, to get to the bus stop, that day I regretted those super tight skinny jeans, and that polo shirt but praises were given when the bus came not long after. I arrived at Studio and rehearsals hadn’t begun as yet, so I’d say it was a good day.

Based on a true story :p

I’ll be making a post about the launch and album review in one 🙂 so keep an eye out!


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