Earth Hour: The Concert!

Wedding at day…concert at night!

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She dragged off the formal and slipped into her white skinny jeans with a loose fitting graphic print top. She cleaned her face of makeup leaving her eye shadow and eyebrows in tact. Finally pulling on her purple & pink tie dyed high tops she was ready to do road.

Photo by Monique Penelli.
Photo by Monique Jones.

I arrived late according to the poster but you know Jamaicans aren’t leaving their house ’till sunset, so I arrived a little after my friends. The host was bellowing, and the crowd chuckled, I greeted the gang with hugs. Next up was the amazing Black As Cole (new fan alert! 😀 ) We stood for a while but ultimately the ground was the best seat.


Meikle & I 🙂

We enjoyed the artistes one by one each set was dazzling into the night. Mr. Keznamdi had the ladies screaming, the cheers rose louder when Chronixx joined him to do their song ‘My Love For You.’

The man called Chronixx.

Kez was followed by his sister Kelissa (sidenote: her vocals are amazing!) Chronixx let her shine as he sang backup vocals for her; It was her birthday as well 🙂



I’m sorry to say my phone battery died as usual, I’m looking into buying a power pack. She was followed by Roots Underground then Micah Shemaiah. A fave poet of mine Abbebe Payne did one of his poems while the band changed. Then was Kabaka Pyramid! He is so humble yet demanding of the crowd, and we were answering all his wishes. He speaks with the audience as if presenting yet picks up his lyrical flows at the right times. Chronixx came back out to drop a one line with Kabaka as well. (Please go listen to ‘Well Done’ by Kabaka Pyramid, I love it!) There were a few upcoming artistes that performed, then the energetic and positively sweet Rasta, Runkus, sparked up the audience.

I didn’t get to see his full set 🙁 Runkus started performing at one in the morning (1am) which is the time I had to head home. I believe they should have placed Runkus before Kabaka Pyramid on the line up, that would have been the perfect spot for him! But in the end I enjoyed the show 🙂


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