My planet would be called ‘Isle’ after it’s geographical layout, land surrounded by water. There would be one season, where the sun would be blazing hot but balanced perfectly with the cold wind. There would be long days and short nights, we wouldn’t need fans because in the night the wind would still be cold. (Just get a cuddle buddy 😛 ) We would be of different complexions but generally dark because of the sun, yes it rains from time. We would be born with brown hair and at puberty the ends of our hair would change to a colour befitting of our personally, natural selection, by the forces around us. We’d live in unison, with a flexible working schedule where no one is forced to do anything they don’t want. As long as you don’t purposefully harm someone mentally or physically, you would stay in good standing. We’d go swimming in the sea all the time, just living peacefully, loving.

A prompt by Interplanet Janet.


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