What A Piece A Rain A Fall

Hi 🙂 How are you?

I bring to you another prompt from The Daily Post, Singin’ in the Rain.

There was a light breeze while it drizzled, finally the clouds refused to bite it’s lips and released, it started to pour. I was attired in my usual t-shirt and shorts, and with a small smile ran upstairs to drag on my ankle socks. The weather was perfect, the sky almost looked like the deepest depths of the ocean, if I hadn’t known better I’d think the sun had already set. I put the kettle to warm and huddled in the sofa until it was ready. I made my fave hot chocolate tea with a dash of coffee and hightailed it to my room. With the lights off I sat on my bed with the sheet covering my legs, my right hand held the tea cup and my left hand held my phone. With the melodious rain music in the background, I alternated between sipping and using my phone. *scroll, scroll, pause, sip, scroll, scroll, sip*


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