Month: May 2015

Don't Worry

“This too shall pass.” Because as long as God’s willing, the sun shall rise.

New New

Innovation is Thinking of the new and fresh, Not stuck in a rut. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Think & Fresh.

This Ain't YOL(ove)O

“Love with no regrets.”


Matthew Henry

Hi Everybody! I need you to go check out Matthew Henry’s instagram page @Matthewthehenry. His photographs and edits are so beautiful, I really like them so I had to tell you about him. I really would put more of his photos but it’s so hard […]

Get In Touch!

Hiya 🙂 I’m popping in to say like the 876LoveR FaceBook page, and give me a follow on Twitter @RealRebel_R I follow back. I’m also on instagram here: @shidasofresh . Feel free to drop me an email, about anything, at 🙂

Expression Wednesdays 

Hello everyone 🙂

Today I bring to you the song off Ancient Future that almost instantly makes me start dancing, ‘Answer to your Name’ by Protoje.

The official music video launched on Monday, watch it below â†“

Sorry for the late post, I’m currently preparing for my exams the beginning of June so I’m a bit busy.


Some Of Your Time

Tell me, do you mind? I could use some of your time. Pitching lines of mine. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge Pitch & Time :


Eyes downcast, skies overcast. Thunder rumbling matching my state, of mind, minding my  own business. The lightening mimicking the fire in my eyes. The bad vibes drifting away in the wind But when will we see the light again? Poetry 101 rehab: Dark.

But I Don't Like Cats

“Curiosity often leads to trouble”

-Alice in Wonderland



Let me tell you a little about Paula son. Runkus is Paula’s son, this energetic and positively sweet Rasta is an upcoming artiste, and I believe he’s gonna be huge. Tivar Seivwright Photography Two of my favourites of his are ‘ Rain Start Fall ‘ and […]