Why Not

It’s quite… sad
this theme didn’t make me glad.
At a first glance it did
then the ideas scattered, and hid.
I have feelings for you
yet this prompt still made me blue.
And that’s why I’ll live my single life
because you’d be happier without me as your wife.

Poetry 101 Rehab: Couple.

I find this weird ideas flowed for sugar but when it came to couple my brain didn’t know anymore; sidenote: that’s so me in life right now D: Well seeing as this poem was sad lol take a listen to Couple Up by Konshens to cheer up 🙂

Featured image by Gabrielle Sterling.


10 responses to “Why Not”

  1. That’s a very multifaceted poem! I’m still undecided if it’s you speaking to me, or the imaginary persona speaking the poem to her would-be lover… Intriguing and great!

  2. Imagine you are receiving a hug from someone you really care about – maybe it will cheer you up… 🙁
    Or take the less decent way (as I usually do) and just ask that person for a hug.

    I really felt your poem instead of just reading it.

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