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Hello Everyone 🙂

Since Marijuana has been decriminalized in Jamaica, I have a song to share with you. Jesse Royal’s new song ‘Finally.’ Listen here or below ↓

Decriminalized? you ask, yes it is. Marijuana is still not legal but it has been decriminalized in Jamaica. That means if the police search you and you happen to have weed, of 2 ounces, you can get a ticket for $500JAD (about $5USD) but this will not mar your criminal record. The only persons allowed to have more than 2 ounces are people of Rastafarian faith. Smoking of cigarettes, and now marijuana in public is still prohibited.

Featured image by Matthew Henry.


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  1. Hi ,

    That’s interesting.

    And what would you say is behind this ‘ decriminalization’ of a powerful narcotic like marijuana? What be the legal compulsions in beautiful Jamaica?


    • Jamaica has been known for marijuana, and there are quite a number of people that use it here and in that number a large amount of people have been locked up for using it and had there criminal record marred by even the smallest quantity of weed. So many have been trying to get it legalized over the years and now it was brought to our government once again, it was refused legalization but it has been granted decriminalization so we may further our knowledge of marijuana in medicine and to save people’s criminal records as well.

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