Child's Month

May is child’s month, so there are many events to raise awareness of child abuse, and protecting our children. One I went to was the launch of the official music video of No-Maddz new song ‘Nuh Guh Deh’


IMG_3834 IMG_3840 IMG_3853

Let’s not discuss the fact that I was late lol, but I got to watch the concert segment, I went with Minkah, and bucked up Jovan & Meikle 🙂

IMG_3841 IMG_3851IMG_3850

“Nuh guh deh” is Patois for “Don’t go there” This song speaks of protecting our children, urging molesters not to do it, and by standers not to sit by and watch but to take action. Funded by Eve for Life, here is the music video of ‘Nuh Guh Deh’ watch the music video below ↓

Please protect our children.


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