Month: May 2015

Just Like Animals

Just Like Animals

I love this poem really, check i out 🙂

Child's Month

May is child’s month, so there are many events to raise awareness of child abuse, and protecting our children. One I went to was the launch of the official music video of No-Maddz new song ‘Nuh Guh Deh’

Expression Wednesdays

Hello Everyone 🙂

Since Marijuana has been decriminalized in Jamaica, I have a song to share with you. Jesse Royal’s new song ‘Finally.’ Listen here or below ↓

Decriminalized? you ask, yes it is. Marijuana is still not legal but it has been decriminalized in Jamaica. That means if the police search you and you happen to have weed, of 2 ounces, you can get a ticket for $500JAD (about $5USD) but this will not mar your criminal record. The only persons allowed to have more than 2 ounces are people of Rastafarian faith. Smoking of cigarettes, and now marijuana in public is still prohibited.

Featured image by Matthew Henry.


Charging With Hope

I charge blindly, enthralled by thoughts of you and now we’re lovers. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Charge & Lovers.

The Right Thing

You well and know you don’t want the Earth to be hurt. The farmers plant & you expect things to grow how can they? when you abuse the dirt. There’s one Earth, let’s get it right this time, Don’t continue this cycle. Do your part, clean up […]


“Just take it easy…”


Universal Reggae

Hello Everyone 🙂 You may have seen this button (Universal Reggae) at the top right hand corner of the page; feel free to click it. Universal Reggae is a page and soon to be website that promotes Reggae: Music, Videos, Spoken Word, Dub, Culture, Local (Jamaica) and International […]

1 2 3 4 Cupcakes With A Twist

1 2 3 4 Cupcakes With A Twist

For my friend’s Earthstrong (Birthday), @kultureshocked and I decided to make him some cupcakes but we didn’t wanna do regular cupcakes, they had to be special. I saw this Rasta coloured cake on Facebook but I didn’t want to do it like that so I searched […]



“Sometimes you can’t see where you are going

but you know it’s the right direction.

Trust your instincts.”



Photo by Yannick Reid.

@thetherapistsol on Instagram.


Bacchanal J'ouvert!

My first paint party just happened to be Bacchanal J’ouvert, every time a paint party came up something had to come up in my life and block it, so this was my first. I have to say, it was amazing, unlike regular bacchanal that started […]