Ancient Future: The Launch

Hey Everyone 🙂

This is a little about the album launch; I will be making an album review in another post 🙂

“From the streets of Jamaica! Coming live & direct”

-Sudden Flight X Protoje ft. Sevana & Jesse Royal


The long awaited release of Protoje’s 3rd Album “Ancient Future” was held at the Pegasus Gardens; this brought back memories, as the first Live From Kingston I attended was held there. The place I fell in love with Sevana’s voice. The album was released in Jamaica a day before everywhere else in the world, on Monday, March 9, 2015. We were greeted by the host, Zj Sparks, who introduced Protoje, he thanked us for coming out and started off the program by showing a documentary filmed during the making of the album. Watch it below ↓

IMG_2261 IMG_2265

The Dj for the night was Yaadcore, and once Protoje introduced the song, thanked the necessary Signednsealedproducer and/ featured artiste, he would run the track. This went on until the whole album had played, followed by the meeting segment where Protoje signed albums and posters for fans.

Myself & Protoje 🙂
I got a pic with Sevana 🙂

The sound had to be locked off right on time, the police were ever present and ready to shut down good vibes, as always (I’m not bitter just honest, I promise 😛 ). Even then I could say it was an amazing night 😀

Listen to the album on Soundcloud→ Ancient Future.

Get your copy from iTunes here.


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