Ancient Future: The Album Review

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As I didn’t post about Reggae on International Reggae Day, July 1st, today I present my first album review, it’s my thoughts on the beats & riddims along with my interpretation of what the songs mean, I do hope you enjoy it 🙂

The Album Review

Ancient Future was produced on Protoje’s label the In.digg.nation Collective by himself and, producer, Winta James. Protoje’s 3rd Album has 11 songs, which I can agree, is quality over quantity. With every album he releases the growth in him, as a person and an artiste is evident. Personally I fell in love with Protoje’s music because of his lyrics…They tell a story, in an unconventional way, (and I’m just trying not to say how sick his lyrics are) which he continues to do. As the title suggests and as Protoje had said at the album launch, this album has some riddims from the past which have been revamped and used in a futuristic way.

He introduced Ancient Future with “Protection” ft. Mortimer. Diggy picked the right song to open the album, the riddim for this song is upbeat yet stirs something underneath, the riddim alone makes you think. I love the mixture of Mortimer’s soothing voice with Protoje’s on this track. The song speaks of guarding yourself, what you have and what you’ve made for yourself in this world, as red yiy (hateful/greedy) persons  will try to ruin you. I liked that He represented his home Town, St. Elizabeth, Bread Basket; while one of my fave lines in the song is “But you know the flow hardo like slice bread, lyrics melt the butter fi make a nice spread, but a nuh margarine I pull the margin in.” Which artiste could sing about bread & butter? without making the song sound mediocre.

“Cause I see that in life you achieve sumn, nice

but achieve sumn twice is a problem”

-Protection X Protoje ft. Mortimer

“Criminal” feels like a message about Babylon, showing what you can’t see with the naked eye, that they’re criminals. This song has a hip hop beat to it, which Protoje rides perfectly with his lyrics.

“Them a criminal naa go them feast, we nuh retreat we just gone to the east”

-Criminal X Protoje

I heard in an interview that “Who Knows” ft. Chronixx is a message to certain artistes who are trying their all to get a visa and to those putting down artistes who can’t travel, when there’s nothing wrong with performing in the Caribbean, I mean nuh weh nuh betta than yaad. Protoje had expressed the difficulty in finding a riddim for this song and Winta James gave him the perfect riddim. The drums and the kyboard are main accents in this riddim which gives the song a nice bounce to it.

“I’m pleased to be chilling in the West Indies

Jah provide all my wants and needs

I got the sunshine rivers and trees, green leaves.”

-Who Knows X Protoje ft. Chronixx

“All Will Have To Change” is a message to yourself, look within and do some soul searching, and when you know yourself look around. Are your surroundings and so called friends right for you? When you know yourself all will fall into place. The bass and guitar worked perfectly in tune in this riddim with a splash of the horn for a burst of excitement.

“But sure as the leaves shall fall from trees

I assure Babylon shall fall to knees

overstand everyone you can’t go please

so from you blessed don’t be stressed go your own way”

-All Will Have To Change X Protoje

“Stylin’ ” is Protoje’s rendition of “Can’t Pop No Style” by Hugh Mundell, he’s telling it to a girl that could have been the one but he saw her true ways. The baseline has its dominance in this one, almost distracting you from the lyrics 😛

“All my friends they used to warn me about you

but I couldn’t see a thing past your smile”

-Stylin’ X Protoje

I really like the pop sound “Love Gone Cold” has, it features Sevana, giving the song a high. This song title speaks for itself.

“There was a time when what we had was true

now those days are gone there is nothing left to do”

-Love Gone Cold X Protoje ft. Sevana

“Sudden Flight” ft. Sevana & Jesse Royal urges you to stay on the right path, don’t give up because nothing worth the gain you attain by sudden flight. The riddim for this song makes me feel more alert, bobbing my head along keeping up with the lyrics. I’m glad he put Sevana & Jesse on this song her voice is beautiful and Jesse’s verse is a flavour to look forward to.

“Got to stay true to the things you know are right

nothing worth the gain you attain by sudden flight”

-Sudden Flight X Protoje ft. Sevana & Jesse Royal

“Bubblin’ ” is a fun song on -what feels like- a hip hop beat, about smoking marijuana and I’d say loud up! Of persons who smoke, some I’m sure don’t mind, others? I’m not so sure.

 “Make them know say it a carry healing property”

-Bubblin’ X Protoje

Everytime I hear “Answer To Your Name” I want to start dancing, this Ska flavoured song definitely puts you in the mood to groove. This songs tells the story of the girl that refused to recognize Proto even though they were longtime friends, and lovers.

“So me turn fi walk away but a likkle voice in my head start talk to me

tell me walk right past her to the sound take the mic and ask her

girl why don’t you answer to you name”

-Answer To Your Name X Protoje

“Who Can You Call” connected to me on a different level, while I was sitting in my white wall prison surviving on the 9-5, it really made me feel to live my life an to think about the decisions I’m making currently. The music had a slight rock feel to it, mixing with the one drop.

“And do you think that with the last breath you take

you’ll be sitting thinking bout the money that you made”

-Who Can You Call X Protoje

“The Flame” ft. Kabaka Pyramid…This song, you have to go listen it for yourself, the messages from Protoje & Kabaka are both strong and insightful.

“Flame ya no flickering blaze till you sick of him”

-The Flame X Protoje ft. Kabaka Pyramid

I give the album a 10/10 rating, comment your thoughts on the album 🙂
Listen to the album on Soundcloud→ Ancient Future.

Get your copy from iTunes here.


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