Sankofa Sessions

Sankofa: Adinkra symbol meaning “To go back and get it” (knowledge.)

This was my first Sankofa Session, Lexxi accompanied me, and we were early by our standards. We got there at 8:30, where the session was to start at 8pm which would be 9pm Yaady time(=actual start time) therefore we were early, as we got there before 9. Yaady time takes into account that the event will more than likely start late. The flyer says 6pm but 6-8pm is a yoga and meditation session.

We got there and of course went straight to the food that was on sale. Lexxi bought a cup of sip- vegetarian soup, I bought a box of ackee & saltfish with fried breadfruit, plantains and sweet potato; with a bottle of Ms. Joy’s homemade otaheite apple juice. The food was delicious, nice and spicy 🙂 I would have got the curry chick peas and roti but it wasn’t ready yet and I was hungry. Not long after we finished eating Lexxi bought one of the homemade mango carrot juices, I need to find out how that tasted. Ital is vital.

We were chilling, the music now live and high in the air, Dj Iset Sankofa spinning her set, when our friend Bugzy came over greeting us. I hadn’t seen him in a good while, he complained that we didn’t tell him we were coming but we still went and helped him play percussion alongside the music. Ites reached and it was just fun playing along with the music, it was a challenge but Bugzy, Lexxi & I switched between the drum, the egg shakers, the cow bells and the tambourine. The dj spoke in between songs explaining that the music was original Cosmic Congolese Music, right out of Africa. An artiste that stood out to me was Jupiter, holding in my dancing I took a seat on the ledge of the makeshift stage.

Last but not least, the empress we had been waiting for, Nadia, graced the stage singing a couple of her songs and had the crowd grooving along with her, roaring hoots between singles. She boom she bang she boom she bang she boom she bang she boom all over the place! was stuck in my head the whole ride home, we left, on a high, after her performance.

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