Beach Day

Fun in the sun-ish! The sun went in and out during the day but we didn’t mind at all. I love going over Minkah’s house 🙂 We did the trod to Bull Bay on Sunday. We gathered at her house, hailing up her mom and grandma, some of us inside and the others on the veranda. The first order of business was changing into our swimsuits, lucky for me I wore mine under my dress, so no changing. Oh let me introduce the crew, there was Minkah, Lexxi, Don, Nich, Charii and I. Once everybody changed, we were off!

The walk to the beach was interesting, kicking off our shoes we walked the long way around, the warm sand felt nice under my feet, already relieving some of the tension in my body. Don was beating the Keteh drum almost off tune, Nich started singing definitely off tune, we joined in trying to help but none of us were singers, so you know how that went dwl. We went to Cable Hut Beach, wasting no time, we stripped and got in the water. The waves were quite rough that day but it was manageable so it was still fun 😀

After we soaked up some salt and sun we decided to have our Redstripe sorrel flavoured beers and some snacks we brought. Then we took some pics of course lol, gotta document everything! That’s today’s society. The next stop was back to Minkah’s house where we changed out of our swimming gear, we were ready to make the next trod to Wickie Wackie Beach a.k.a. Mr. Jarrett’s house 🙂

Now that was a scene, red and white cloth were hung up on different boards and stands in the front yard, Campari banners stood at different corners, they were setting up for some kind of party, waltzing in like we lived there a well dressed lady cut us off about halfway through the yard. She asked if we had our invitations, which we clearly didn’t, we responded no and she explained that it was a paid event and we had to leave. Minkah boldly asked to speak to Mr. Jarrett, the owner of the yard, and went on her way, while we retreated to the gate. She was missing for a while but when she came back she had a goodie and great news. She held a single cornmeal cupcake which all six of us devoured lol, and told us Mr. Jarrett said we could stay. So as to not be in the party festivities we went on a lower part of the deck, and ended up walking on the beach anyway. There we took some more pics and that ended our Bull Bay Beach day.





Images by Nicholi Stevens, Donclair Brown & myself.


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