Should've Been IGL Challenge 2.0

The second time around I shuffled my music player I got this song,

Shot by Love by Protoje ft. Toi
“She a the queen fi mi african throne
No mercenary Taliban it control
Me a the one fi lock you body and soul
Jah set the plan, me just a watch it unfold”

I started this story using the lyrics above as my prompt.

Trodding together hand in hand, he and I; our understanding connected mutually on a level blessed by the creator, he’s what you would call my boyfriend. Blessed because he’s perfect, in my eyes: he’s an artiste, one of many, known to a plethora. Yet, he puts my needs above all else. He must be Mr. Right, almost bubble wrapped, perfectly packaged for me, My Mr. Right… “Mr. Right” by Jah9 rang out, waking me.
“Hey Hun,” I answered.
“I was gonna ask if you’re ready but I can tell you were sleeping Mali,” he responded
“Um…what time is it?” I replied looking around my room, it had to be about dusk.
“It’s 6:15, Sucre when will you be ready?” he asked.
“Crap, I’m so sorry, I fell asleep, I’ll hurry for you, my Lion. By 7:30,” I said.
“Okay dear,” he said and hung up.
I almost slept through my date.

lol is this long enough to be an extract?

Listen to the song and view the full lyrics here on Soundcloud.


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